Traditions & Culture of Zanzibar

Spooks, spirits and ancient arts combine on this trip to the heart of Zanzibar culture. In Muyuni Village, you’ll quickly understand the importance of tradition to the locals. They’ll introduce you to the art of rope making, basket weaving, and makuti plating.

Get to know the community at the village school, then visit the mystical Ngonga Cave where you’ll see a witchcraft healing ceremony and explore the network of passages and tunnels with your guide. Along the way, you’ll discover the history of the cave as a home for vampire bats and the spirits of the Muyuni people’s ancestors.

An unforgettable flavor experience

Afterward, you'll head to a spice farm to see where the likes of vanilla, nutmeg, and cardamom are grown while learning and tasting as you go. Once you arrive at the farms, you’ll set off on a two-hour tour where your guide will give you the lowdown on how spices are used in local dishes, medicine, and ceremonies, too.

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