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The mysterious islands of Zanzibar will make you feel and see the romantic past, think of famous explorers, stories full of adventures, triumph and tragedies of the people.

You will always tread a path that has been worn out by generations of travelers and sea adventures for many centuries. Zanzibar is an archipelago of two main islands namely Unguja and Pemba that are surrounded by around 50 islets.

Since the early 8th century, Zanzibar became base for Arab merchants trading with Africa mainland and the outside world. In the 18th century, Zanzibar was subject to the Sultan of Oman and became capital of Oman and Zanzibar in 1787.



In 1837 the United States of America established a consulate in the island ahead of all European countries.

Zanzibar was declared a British protectorate in 1890 and the Sultan was retained for ceremonial purposes. Zanzibar was granted independence in December 1963 and a few weeks later, the independent government was overthrown on 12th January 1964. Immediately after the revolution, Zanzibar signed a pact with Tanganyika to form The United Republic of Tanzania on 26th April 1964.

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