Zanzibar Pure Passion

Traditions and cultures of Zanzibar

This half day guided tour will take you to Muyuni A a typical village in the southern district of Zanzibar. The people of Muyuni follow their culture, norms and traditions very closely and during this tour you will get the opportunity to mingle and interact with them and learn more about their lifestyle. 


The village is one of the fascinating ones in Unguja that the experience and effect you get lasts for many years. Visit a Ngonga Sacred Cave which is a natural sculptured gem into underground halls, chambers and tunnels. It is a home for the vampire bats, spirits and ghosts which due to their relationship with the local witch doctor will not harm visitors. 

Watch and experience the traditional rituals in the site including spirit-born illnesses healing and sacrifices. And if that is not enough the tour will take you to an amazing village to experience traditional coir making and makuti plaiting, basket and mats weaving.