Safari Blue Tour

A truly relaxing day

Join the Safari Blue crew for an epic day of aquatic activities. This is a full day excursion on locally made traditional sailing dhows. The boats are leaving from the fishing village of Fumba, which is an ideal starting point to explore Menai Bay, now designated as a marine conservation area. 

The bay has a number of uninhabited islands, isolated sandbanks, pristine marine life and crystal-clear turquoise water: that is frequented by endangered humpback and bottlenose dolphins. 

The tour includes the chance to go snorkeling on a coral reef and enjoy a great and delicious seafood lunch. After lunch there is an oportunity to join an experienced crew and sail on a “ngalawa” or an outrigger canoe made by hand from a single mango tree trunk. When the tide allows you can swim through a lush mangrove habitat in a beautiful hidden lagoon. Moreover you can climb up a giant and unusual baobab tree, or just admire its hugeness from the ground.  

When the day is done, the crew hoists a lateen sail (if the wind permits) as you make a leisurely voyage back to Fumba.